Saturday, January 24, 2009

God has blessed us!

With our recent pregnancy news we have received quite a bit of negativity. Everyone seems worried about us....except us! We are very excited!!! I happened to stumble upon this video which will describe some of the comments we have gotten without me even having to go into detail. In no way are we close to having seven children like this family, but you sure would thing so! This made me laugh so hard because even with my two kids and the 8 month old I babysit I get the best looks and comments in the store. I honestly can't wait until I start showing and take all three kids to the store. People really can't keep their mouths shut. Instead of saying, "you really have your hands full" why can't they say, "Wow! You sure have been blessed!" I would cry at this point if someone actually said that to me. I truly am blessed!


"Hello... It's Me Again..." said...

I know what you mean by people's comments. My sister has NINE children, all single births by her and her hubby. They are all their kids, no blending whatsoever. She gets comments like that all of the time.

Congrats on your bundle of love-to-be!!!

Joni said...


Gretchen said...

Yes, congratulations! I am glad you enjoyed the video and I think I will start responding by "We are blessed." whenever people make comments to me. It is a reminder to say to those mothers with many children, "You are so blessed." instead of another negative comment.

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