Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Meijer Glade Deal 11/8/08

If you are not up to date on this Glade deal see my earlier blog about it here.

Here's what I got...I would have done better if I wouldn't have used all of my glade coupons earlier in the week without knowing about the catalina deal (plus, I got the last 4 candles..or I would have gotten more of those too!):

6 Scented Oil Candle refills
4 Scented Oil Candles
6 Plugin Scented Oil refills
*not pictured* 1 Anniversary card for my hubby for our 5 year Wedding Anniversary today! $3.29...can you believe the price of these things?!?!

After 4 transactions, coupons, and catalinas I spent $12.97 oop and saved $57.25. I was thinking about making some home care packages for Christmas for the ladies in our families.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Walmart - Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anybody looking to do some Christmas shopping this weekend? Here is a link to Walmarts Saturday, November 8 only sale starting at 8 am.

Free 8x10 Photo from Walgreen's

Thanks to I will be picking up my FREE 8x10 photo from Walgreen's anytime after 5pm tonight. Simple sign on, upload your picture, and use this coupon code: FREEPIC at checkout. If you have a Walgreen's close to you, choose to pic up in store and you pay nothing! But hurry, this offer only goes through Saturday, November 8, 2008. (Which is also mine and hubby's 5 yr. Wedding Anniversary...awwww)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meijer - Glade Stock Up!

Now is a great time to use those Glade coupons at Meijer. They have Glade products for 1/2 price and starting 11/7 there is a catalina deal that goes like this:


Buy 3 Glade products get $2 oyno
Buy 4 Glade products get $3 oyno
Buy 5 Glade products get $4 oyno

There are so many of these coupons floating around. There are some on my side bar from and quite a few came in last weeks paper inserts. Here are some scenarios:


Glade Aerosol Air fresheners .57
$1/2 sunday insert
= .07 each

Glade Glass Scents 1.59
B1g1 + $1/1
= .30 each

Glade Wisp Candle 4.99
$3/1 sunday insert (I hear there is a $5/1 around)
= 1.99

Glade Fabric and Air Refreshers 1.99
= .49 each

Glade Oil Plug In refils - 1.59 each
$1/1 peelie
= .59

I would just encourage you to take all of the Glade coupons you can find and take them in the store and just see what you can get. There are a lot of ways to make money on this. I plan on splitting whatever I get into groups of 5 (if coupon allows) for separate transactions to profit from the catalina deal. Check out what I got here.

Walmart Trip Week of 11/2-11/8

Finally! A succesful Walmart shopping trip. There were still a few things that I didn't find but maybe I have just learned that this is to be expected at Walmart. I'm never going to get everything I went there to get. But I did pretty good today.

1 Windex Spray Bottle 2.37
$2/1 Windex here
= .37
1 Nestle Cocoa 1.00
.75/1 here
= .25
1 Fantastic Spray Bottle 1.97
$1.50/1 here
= .47
1 Pledge Clean/Dust Wipes 2.92
$2/1 here
= .92
2 Cottonelle fushable wipes 1.66 each
.50/1 x 2 (sunday inserts)
= $1.16 each
2 Trial size Wet Ones .97 each
.75/1 here
= .22 each
7 Johnson's Buddie Bars .97 each
$1/1 here ore $2/2 here
= FREE + overage!
2 Goody Ouchless hairties 2.12 each
$2/1 here
= .12 each
1 8 ct. Box Zantac 3.98
IP here
= FREE!!
1 Can Mighty Dog .57
FREE coupon in last Sunday's paper
= FREE!!
2 Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches 1.50 each
.75/1 from on my side bar
= .75 each
1 Taster's Choice Stick pack .98
IP here
= FREE!!
1 Well Patch individual .97
$1/1 in last Sunday's paper
= FREE + overage!!
Total oop = 7.10 w/tax

Full Mailbox!

My mailbox was full of freebies today! It's pretty funny how I used to forget to get the mail and now I get excited about getting the mail....and I NEVER forget!

Always infinity sample w/$1 off coupon

Trial size of Folgers house blend coffee

Sample of Pond's clean sweep wet cleansing towelette

One sample of each new Jergens naturals Hydrate-Renew-Soothe w/$1 off coupon

Sample of Pledge Multi Surface Clean & Dust Wipe w/$1 off coupon
This has ended.

$4.50 worth of coupons from Pampers in my 9-11 months newsletter. Sign up at

I can't believe they all came in the same day!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Goodies

For those of you who have little one's (probably sitting on your lap or hanging on your leg as you read this) here are some freebies and coupon savings for your kiddos!

Johnson & Johnson coupons $2/2

This coupon makes for two free Johnson Buddies Bars!!!! (print twice for 4 free bars)

Johnson & Johnson coupons $1/1

Print this coupon twice and get another 2 FREE Buddies!!

Gerber coupons

$1 off Juicy Juice

Free Juicy Juice sippy cup

Enter to win a baby care package from Johnson & Johnson

Check out my Walgreen's Diaper deal for the week of 11/2-11/8 here

$2 off w/purchase of 16 Beech Nut Lets Grow products

FREE baby bag from Heinz Baby

Johnson & Johnson Coupons (specific products)

Pull-Ups coupon

Free Playtex®Drop-Ins® Original Nurser System Great resources and certificates for formula samples

$10 off $50 at Carter's

Free potty training kit, chart, and certificates from Pampers

Gerber childrenswear coupons

$1.00 off any 2 GRADUATES® FOR PRESCHOOLERS Healthy Meals

$1.00 off any 2 GRADUATES® FOR PRESCHOOLERS Fruit Twists

$4 in coupons from Earths Best

$1 off Desitin

$1 off Hyland's Earache drops

$1 off Goodnights

There are so many great coupons for baby and toddler's out there. If you use a specific product a lot, check thier website for savings. And, if you didn't already know, I have two little ones myself. So if you find something great let me know. Thanks!


Here is a link to some coupons for Advil, Robitussin, Centrum, Dimetapp, and more. I just thought this was a pretty good link for some over-the-counter meds.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coupon Lingo

Confused?? I'm here to help. Here's some of the "coupon lingo" used in my posts to help you figure out what I'm talking about.

MC = Manufacturer's coupon
AC = After Coupon
AR = After Rebate
BLINKIES = In-store smartsource coupons near product, usually from red blinking box
BOGO or B1G1F = Buy One Get One Free
B&M = Brick & Mortar, as opposed to an online store
CAT or CATALINA = coupon dispensed at register after purchase
ESR = EasySaver Rebate (Walgreens Monthy Rebate)
ESC = EasySaver Coupon (Found in the monthy EasySaver Catalog )
FAR = Free After Rebate
FREE ITEM COUPON = A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free
IVC = Walgreen's Instant Value Coupon ( usually same as ESC, or any other Walgreen's coupon)
IP = Internet Printable Coupon
MFG = Manufacturer's Coupon
MIR = Mail In Rebate
OOP = Out of Pocket
OOS = Out of Stock
OYNO = On your next order
Q = Coupon
RR = Register Rewards
RC = Raincheck
P&G = Proctor & Gamble Sunday supplement coupons
RP = Red Plum Sunday Supplement Coupons
SS = Smart Source or Sunday Supplement coupons
STACKING = Using a store specific coupon with a MFG coupon (most stores allow this)
TEARPAD = A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display
PEELIE = coupon that you peel off the package
DOUBLE COUPON = coupon that a grocery store doubles in value
TRIPLE COUPON = a coupon that a grocery store triples in value
WYB = When You Buy

Hope this helps. If this doesn't answer your question feel free to email me. Thanks!

My Walgreens Trip 11/2-11/8

The only thing I did different than the deals in my Walgreens Deals post was the diapers. I wasn't sure if I would be able to get the coupon for these or not. I walked up to the pharmacy and told them I heard about a coupon pamphlet. She said we are supposed to ask about the Walgreens perscription club card and when they get through with their "talk" they hand you the coupon book.

So the deal on the diapers is this:
-$2 off each package w/coupon from pharmacy
= $4.99/2 packages!!!

I think I will try these diapers out for a couple of days and if I like them I will be going back for more. Remember, Walgreens does not require you to clip thier coupons out of pamphlets. So do not give them the diaper coupon. Simple have them scan it and give it back so you can use it again. They dont expire until December 31, 08.

Total before taxes: $4.51
after taxes: $8.36 (so what I learned tonight is that they must add tax on total before coupons?)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coffee, Doughnuts, and Ice Cream...Oh my!!!

Swing on over to to see how voters can get free coffee, doughnuts, and ice cream after you vote on Tuesday, November 4, 2008.
Happy Voting!!!

Walgreens Deals 11/2-11/8

Bic Soleil Razor or 4 pack cartridges 6.99
$3/1 ESC (should take off as many as you buy)
$3/1 mc (in recent inserts)
= .99 each

Schick Quattro Disp. Razors 5.99 *EDIT- my Walgreen's had these at 8.29*
$2/1 mc
B1G1 mc
$3/1 ESC (should take of $6)
= FREE + 2.01 OVERAGE!!!!

Celestial Seasonings Tea 20ct Box 2/$3
$1/1 mc x 2
$1/2 ESC
= FREE!!!

Ricola Cough Drops .99 w/in ad coupon
$1/2 mc
= .49 each

Wrigley's Gum B1G1
B1G1 mc
= FREE!!!

Goody/Ouchless Brushes 4.99
This printable $2 off ouchless products mc
$2/1 ESC
= .99 each

Also, check out My Walgreens Trip to see what I got this week.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Target Deals 11/2-11/8

Here's some of Targets good deals this week:

The buy 4 Glade holiday products get a $5 GC is still going on until 12/15. See my "Christmas Gift Idea" post below for details.

Select Kellogg cereals - Buy 5 at 2.75 and receive a $5 CG
Use this $1/1 coupon = .75 each after GC

17 pack Ouchless hairties - 2.19 each
Use this coupon for $2 off any ouchless product = .19

Here is a link to the Target Toy Coupons. They expire on 11/26/08.
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