Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun and inexpensive things to do this Fall

Fall is my very favorite time of the year. The cooler weather is just what I need after our scorching summers. I love the colors and even the smell of the outdoors during the fall months. So I have found many things to entertain myself during this time of year but now I have a pretty active toddler and one starting on that same path so I have devoted some time to thinking of ways that they, as well, can be entertained in the season between wearing shorts to wearing snow boots. And in true deals on the side fashion....all of these things are either free or very inexpensive.

  • Take pictures. I, personally, love taking pictures. This is a great season to do that because it is so beautiful. Get your children involved. My kids are hams and want all the attention of having thier picture taken. And what better background than that of these wonderful warm colors. Plus, there are tons of projects they can help with after the pictures are printed, such as, making fall frames with paper, glue, leaves, acorns, glitter. Get creative! The best crafts you have in the fall are out lying on the ground.

  • Take the family to your local pumpkin patch. This is a great outing even if your kids are small. I have pictures of Jillian last year, just over one year old, having a blast. She of coarse wanted to pick up the biggest pumpkin she could find. Take your time and let them play. The owners wont care one bit.

  • Build a HUGE pile of leaves and play in them! C'mon know you want to! You have to rake the leaves anyway, so you might as well make it fun, right?

  • Decorate your pumpkins and gords. What you can do really depends on the age of your child. We plan on carving one and letting Jilli decorate one herself with some crayons and markers. Just make sure babies dont get ahold of the pumpkin kids are famous for it!

  • On rainy or too cold days you could make fall treats. and have some good ideas out right now. Of coarse, let the kids help, or in my case, she thinks she's helping ;)

  • Packing away summer clothes, as sad as it is, doesn't have to be just a sad chore. My daughter likes to make every clothing experience a fashion show. And her sister is following in her footsteps. Something about underwear on your head seems to be particularly funny!

  • Take a nature walk. Most areas have at least one nature walks or paths close by. This is a great free way to spent outdoor time with the family. I usually combine this with taking pictures as well.

Ok, I may end up adding to this but that's all I have for now. I would love for anyone to add on in the comments. Tell me what your favorite fall activities are.

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