Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Super Savings Saturday!

I dropped the kids off at Grandma's house around naptime today and did some shopping I have been needing to do. On my list of things to do were conquer that Walmart shopping list, search for a winter coat for Jaylee, renew my membership while getting formula and doing a little taste testing at Sam's Club, and get gas in the van. I did it all. I'll cover the Walmart trip in my next post. Right now I want to show you what I got while I was thrift shopping today. You see, our first daughter was born in August and our second in January. That means when people told us, "you guys should be all set" they were wrong. Jaylee is starting to grow out of her 6-9 month clothes now and I went downstairs to grab the 12 month bin only to open it up and realize it was all summer clothes! Duh, Jillian was 12 months in the summer! So off to the thrift stores I go!

12-18 month Gymboree jumper/overalls 1.99
6-12 month Gymboree jumper/overalls 1.99

12-18 month Gymboree t-shirt .50
18-24 month Gymboree stripped onsie turtle neck 1.99
2T Gymboree Turtle neck 1.99

1 pair of baby Gap 0-3 month pants because I could not resist! 1.99
I have a friend having a girl soon ;)

18 month Circo short-sleeve onsie .50
12-18 months Old Navy Jeans 1.00
12 month Kid Connection stripped, long-sleeve 1.99
18 months Children's Place t-shirt 1.00

3T Old Navy button down sweater 1.99
12 month Kiks playdress 1.99

3T Carters Piggy pj pants (my daughter LOVES farm animals..I just wanted to see the look on her face and hear her say "oink!") 1.99

18 month Little Me winter coat 4.99
12 month Circo snow pants 2.99

So all in all, I spent $27.85 before taxes. I couldn't have even got a brand new winter coat for that!

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