Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Deals in Detroit - Christmas Shopping

We took the family to Detroit this weekend to do some Christmas shopping at our favorite outlet mall, Great Lakes Crossing. I love, love, love The Children's Place and Carter's in this mall. They always have 70% or more off racks. Here's what I got at The Children's Place for the girls: only one sleeper is pictured.

1 sleeper for Jaylee
2 sleepers for Jillian
= $25/3 or 8.33 each

1 pleated pink skirt 2.99

1 long sleeved babydoll shirt 2.99

2 short sleeved t-shirts 1.99 each

2 cotton skirts (one for each girl) 2.99 each

Total oop = 43.39 including tax

Then we went to the Disney store and everything in the store was 25% off. My 2 yr. old is in LOVE with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. We found this blanket (which is another object she is very fond of) that has all of the characters on it priced at $14.50.

Total oop = 11.xx including tax

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